The Worship Series Prequel Part ii

Ok, so it was brought to my attention that maybe I should post an open ended question without a poll so that anyone who would like to can leave their opinion and feedback and not be limited to my answer choices.  So, here goes…again…


What is worship to you?  Leave an answer on the blog for further discussion, and all that good stuff!  Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “The Worship Series Prequel Part ii

  1. michael smith says:

    Wow very good question, and to me, though worship is often related or associated to song, to me worship carries a little different meaning than praise, as praise is what we do through song, often complimenting or boasting even as we do our kids in offering encouraging words or compliments to them. Worship to me may carry two meanings one personal and refers to what it means to me from a Christian stand point and with that said worship is the equivalent to servitude in the sense that a servant who worships their master, carries out duties to please them. So I guess worship to me is humbling yourself to God, acknowledging He is greater and serving Him who is our master. While I guess another or secular view of worship would be anything or anyone whom you devote yourself to and hold a very high priority in your life that it becomes the center of your life or obsession. So I guess in a way the 2nd one kinda have some Christian meaning, just depending on how its exercised.

  2. Sara McCombs says:

    Phillip, I don’t usually respond to blog posts, but this is a topic very close to my heart.
    I’ve put a lot of thought into the topic and offer the following ideas to try to explain how I feel about worship. Worship is a lifestyle. It isn’t a one-day-a-week program; it is what we’ll practice through eternity, and it requires a life of recognition, of adoration, of praise, of commitment and of service–all to God. These same practices are reflected in a well-planned corporate worship service.
    The corporate worship experience should involve the body of believers in a fellowship of those components listed above. The service should progress from initial recognition of God as the entity for our worship to a final commitment of service. Each of these steps should involve the congregation of believers in active participation, not as spectators. We’ve added teaching (preaching) as a tool to reach unbelievers, but we really are practicing what we’ll do in heaven when we are in God’s actual and literal presence.
    Those of us who recognize the God we have are eager to submit ourselves to Him. That eagerness is expressed in our personal study, witness, and submission. All of these show a worshipful attitude which will be magnified in Heaven. As we grow in our understanding, we are more capable of showing His love to the lost; therefore we are learning true worship.
    The more I work on it–the more I realize how small I am.

  3. Amanda Blair says:

    Worship to me is becoming one with God. Letting Him see your true hearts desire to get closer to Him. Its a time of reflection on you and your relationship with God. Your able to show your love and express your feelings to Him without words, because sometimes words can’t even express your love for Jesus. Its also a time to be still and know that He really is God and that He has everything under control. Your able to go higher with Him and take your relationship with Him to a whole new, higher level that you get to experience with Him alone.

  4. Worship is a lifestyle; a life that spends everyday bringing glory to God through our actions, thoughts, speech, and dedication to the Lord.

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