Guest Blogger! “Hey Men – Want to Fight?”

Hey there!  It is another installment of Guest Blogger time with Chad!  One of the things I truly enjoy and appreciate about Chad, is his honest and blunt point of view about things.  If you’re wanting a candid point of view or just want what the man thinks, he’ll let you know.  This blog is directed mostly toward men, but women take heed as well, all of these are things that we need to hear and live by.  So, here it is!

Hey Men – Want to Fight?

This is an open letter to guys who profess to be Christians.  For those who are actively serving their families, communities and churches in a way that honors God, feel free to read along but you are not the intended audience.

Dear Fellas,

There are days when I’d like to punch you until my arms are tired.  I know that God expects more of me and that I should expect more of myself but if I am being honest, you make me “fight angry” at times.  Wondering why?

I look around at church and see three women for every man.  The numbers are even more skewed if you exclude men over 65.  I look around at our kids’ open houses at school and parent days and see four women for every man.  I see two women for every man working out and taking care of their bodies.  Only four percent of us tithe regularly.  So what are our excuses?

“I work a lot and don’t have time.”  My buddy Shannon is a state trooper and has a landscaping business on the side.  He works a minimum of 80 (mostly stressful) hours per week, yet he almost never misses an event in which his family or church participates.  He even comes to church on Sundays in full uniform after working a night shift and is a sure thing when someone is in need.  HE works all the time and still makes time for the important stuff.   Studies show that the average age of a video game player is 35 (they also tend to be overweight and depressed – what a shock).  More than 22% of American men between 18-49 play fantasy sports.  We spend around three hours per day watching TV.  You don’t have time for God, your family or to take care of your body?  It is not that you don’t have time…your priorities stink.

“I can’t afford to tithe.”  Evidently.  According to research from Barna Group, only 4% of Americans give the recommended 10% from scripture.  While the amount speaks of our commitment and trust in God, He also desires a cheerful giver.  More than half give nothing at all.  So cheer up!  Your money is a gift from God.  If you have a problem being grateful for the opportunity to care for others and advance the Kingdom, take it up with the Gift Giver.

“Church is full of hypocrites and people who are going to judge me.”  Duh.  One of the first things we admit as believers is that we are hypocrites and sinners who cannot do this alone.  And while I cannot promise that people won’t judge you on your past, you work with, go to school with and hang out with far more people who judge you than you’ll find in a church.  The beauty of our God is that He cares far more about our present and future.  Work out your past with Him and those who may have been affected and move on.

Jesus loved you enough to die for you.  I love you enough to fight you.  I’ve been you and cannot promise that I won’t screw up from time to time.  Love me enough to fight me too.  And take the gift of Jesus’ death seriously.

Your brother from the same Father – Chad

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5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger! “Hey Men – Want to Fight?”

  1. James Oliver says:

    Awesome post sir!

    There’s a lot more of those excuses out there too. I’ve used plenty of them. Haven’t in a while though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. BJ Oliver says:

    Thanks for posting!
    Busy-ness in life, jobs, video games, news, etc…. Would you say this is a way that Satan is distracting us from the important stuff (God, worship, family, fellowship with other believers)?

    • behindthecross says:

      I would say that it’s one of the temptations that Satan can throw at you for sure! It’s one of those things where we have to depend on Christ to overcome! It may seem silly to think about praying about whether or not we should watch a TV show or play a video game for hours, but I do think that before we even sit down to pray about it, we’ll know the answer. We spend so much time busying up our minds with useless stuff “just for fun” that we neglect the very principles of our faith. One of which is time in prayer, another is time in the word. Of course, of these things, I am guilty as charged, lol. I’m determined to become more disciplined in my management of myself of the time I’ve been blessed with. One of those reasons has to do with the state of my physical body, which is deteriorating, lol. The other, and the most important, is my spiritual walk suffers when I fill my head with fluff. As a dad and husband, when my walk suffers, so does my attitude toward my family. Chad, I appreciate your heart and words brother, keep on asking to swap posts please!

  3. Chad Nelson says:

    I’m in man. Great reply to BJ and thanks again for the opportunity. We’ll keep each other focused!

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