Well, here’s my “About Me” information.  I am just another one of those guys who has an opinion on just about every topic that comes around, and here is my outlet to share those opinions.  I am a believer and follower of Christ, though I definitely fall short of where I need to be in my walk daily.  Called to ministry full time, and currently waiting to see where that call leads.  I am married to the only one that God made for me, and I have loved every single minute of it, maybe not necessarily liked every single minute, but definitely loved it.  My beautiful wife and I have 3 amazing kids, who I pray we will set the example for as believers in Christ.  This blog is a big step for me, as I don’t really communicate very often through writing, so bear with me as this project gets set into motion.  I pray this blog can be a source of encouragement, teaching, learning, and a place of respectable debate when the opportunity arises.  Thanks, and enjoy the inner thoughts of my brain, lol


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