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Good mornings, and the infamous mal-cut

I love waking up in the mornings to one, or both, of my older kids’ smiling faces. They are usually so excited about the coming day, and are even more excited about starting it off with mommy and daddy…or breakfast…either way, they make the mornings so enjoyable. My only wish is that I could spend every morning like that, but duty calls and work day wake up time is 3am, so the only morning time I have with the kids is if they have a bad dream, or if I drop a pan cooking my breakfast. So these mornings are to be cherished for sure.

Now on to haircuts. As many of you know, I usually like to keep a buzzed head for my chosen hair style. There are many reasons that go into this decision, including but not limited to: easy fixin’, genetic disposition, and easy procedure. The thing about a buzz is that you don’t really need to pay a fancy salon, or even a barber to accomplish the look. I personally use a set of clippers called “The Chopper,” and they do chop! One of the issues that I’ll run into now and again is the mal-cut. This is a situation where I cut my own hair, and miss a section on the back right side of my head. I did this right before church yesterday morning, and performed a classic mal-cut. Now, I did notice a few people glancing at the top right side of my head, but I guess they couldn’t bring themselves to say anything. When we got home from church, my loving, adorable, and sweet wife informed me that my head was misshaven, and that I should’ve had her perform a post-shave inspection. I promptly thanked her and put a hat on top of my haircut catastrophe. Moral of the story, let your wife examine your homemade haircut before going to church, and especially before preaching.

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